Take your compliance management from the office to the field.


Ensure your business can compete globally by complying with legislation, regulation and standards like GDPR, ISO, King IV Industry standards such as IMMC,  IATF, Jurisdiction specific HSE legislation and SOC II.


Ariscu provides a holistic compliance solution with legal consulting services, digital SHEQ management software and intelligent reporting modules.

Ariscu ensures that you and your team are kept in the loop with legal requirements by providing comprehensive and up-to-date compliance registers and law libraries for South Africa and 20 other countries in Africa,  Middle East and South America.


Compliance Management Capability 


Ariscu Software

Compliance Insights

Dynamic, automated reports
Visualisation & analysis
Exception reporting

Legal & Quality Services


Legal compliance audit
Remote auditing
Verification audits
GAP Analyses

Compliance Register & Law Library

Audit Manager
Checklist Manager
Non-conformance Manager
Records Manager
Document Manager
Task Manager
Ariscu puts your compliance management system in the hands of every employee and contractor so you can control your operational risk.
Leaves Shadow

Predictive Insights

Through the Ariscu Advanced Reporting Tool, our system can provide you with detailed insights into any worksite and identify the areas you need to address to improve your compliance management.

It's that easy. 

Compliance Registers &  Law Library

Data hosted in Ariscu is available through your mobile device, so you and your workforce always have the information needed to make decisions.

Work with dedicated people

The Ariscu team is made up of talented individuals who care about you and your company’s operations. Our customers are the most important part of our business and that is why we assign each customer a Key Account Manager. 


Business management systems of today must be connected, contextual and continuous — not through an academic exercise, but by creating a truly symbiotic relationship between humans and machines to generate the optimal performance. 

Upcoming Events

  • Corporate compliance risks in Africa – do you have what it takes?
    Multiple Dates
    Jan 20, 2023, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Ariscu Compliance & Legal Register Training
    Emerging and growth markets can offer some of the most lucrative investment opportunities but present the most challenging compliance environments. A refresher course on how the Ariscu compliance & legal registers can play a role to help corporates succeed in Africa?
  • Legal Liability Training - Special Offer
    Feb 03, 2023, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
    Webinar, Legal Liability Training
    The Legal Liability Training is a practical approach to the legal framework & OHS Act liabilities. The course will assist you to make qualified decisions as the employer and understand the liabilities associated with appointments & scope of work.

"Ariscu team, thank you for the friendly, diligent and professional assistance to our company. The software and your knowledge transfer enable us to achieve our objectives to identify trends, complete tasks, traceability, reporting, communication, responsibility and authority, risk management and connection to relevant stakeholders, and surely contribute to a more productive environment to continually improve our SHEQ Management System."


Alta Scheepers, Quality Manager

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